About Us

Group companies band utilizes specialized capacity and nearly seven years of executive experience in operations and human resources, its activities in the field of automatic identification systems and enterprise resource management and supply of materials relevant consumer has started. The group's mission is to provide solutions and unrivaled products and applications, integrating the lessons learned in this area and other features and capabilities of the hardware and software available.

Software Unit:

Locating in the warehouse management software (WMS). Software control entry and exit of goods in stock. Comprehensive software labeling, packing to track parts and products (by batch, serial, expiry date, etc.). Property management and service control solutions mechanized equipment, etc., for the organization, administration and various companies. Comprehensive system of electronic customer loyalty card (card Lvyalty discount (Discount Card)), health cards (Health Card), Scorecard (Reward Card) for companies and distribution. ...

Hardware Unit:

The supply and after-sales service, label printers Zebra, Godex, Postek and Zebra card printers Computers provide mobile barcode scanners Supply and production of materials, including a variety of labels (paper, PVC, Metal, etc ...) Provide all kinds of pvc cards and smart. Providing a variety of ribbon (Wax, Wax+Resin, Resin, Super Resin).