Paper Label

Paper labels are the most common and most widely used type of label and as the name implies, material and paper thickness, surface (glossy, semi-glossy and matte) and different weights are available. Ease of use and affordable price, makes extensive use of various industries, such as food packaging and medical services and so on.

White Pet, PE , PP, PVC

Label PVC is resistant to all labels that included white plastic material, Pet, PE, PP is generally known and are offered in both matte and glossy type and use it in cases more resistant than paper labels that need to print higher storage there.

Silver Pet Matte

This type of label can be called one of the most resistant labels made of aluminum alloy and production companies are generally considered the best Rollcover Italy, UPM is Finland and Fasson temperature up to 220 non-direct tolerated.

Asset / Security Label

Property labels or tags Khrdshvndh (Asset Label) which in some cases are referred to the security label as the name suggests is for security purposes or used for applications that require the removal of labels, label its not healthy. Current Asset Label Label property in different materials there.

Tyvek, Textile, Fabric

Labels or Tayvk fabric made of synthetic fibers and printables that are generally available in two versions Satin (glossy) and normal (opaque). According to the application of this type of labels in the clothing industry (as labels washing instructions), textile and automotive (seats and seat belts).

Thermal Label

Thermal labels tags Another common characteristic is that it can be pointed out the need to ribbon when printing. Thermal or Thermal paper labels are made of a heat-sensitive coating.

Void Label

Label Wade (Void) a special label that is generally "used for security purposes. For example, when trying to get to the goods or their packaging our product closed and open it to make sure , best use of labels Wade (Void)...

Back Metal Label

This Label has very glue and for special cases, such as sticking on surfaces or surfaces such as oil and used tire. Fasson Finland is the best kind of company.