Labeling Software.

Promotion and development of storage systems as well as other innovative solutions that are based on need and is due to competition Labeling process labeled the goods or products are said to be an organization so that the tag identifier for the relevant goods or as normal tags that contain a specific number or a name given to identify the product will be or barcode for each barcode product information, including product name, product price, product code, batch number, manufacturer's code, and so on, offers

Some software features:

Replacing metal tag with metal plaque. Ability to design printed material on the plate. Unit-level printing, packaging, cartons and pallets. Ability to define and classify it as a tree or receive product information from existing software. The definition of a measure and define packaging. Label printing based on the structure defined to include information on the product, packaging and related items. Record the serial number, batch and production area. Possible product weighing data recording manually or automatically (get a digital scale (registration required packing stations, such as station number, start date, end date of packaging and packaging Product serial communication with the tracking code to record and track the shift of production parts and production operator compliance with serial carton serial numbers and warranty card body by the system and eliminates any possible operator error in this regard. Create barcode on the cardboard tag to mechanize the entry and exit of goods to the warehouse problems related to manual registration serial and prevent human error. Billing storage and transfer depot on the basis of physical entry and exit of goods and ...

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