ریبون وکس

Wax Ribbon

Wax Ribbon Wax Ribbon is a common and widely used type of ribbon wax ribbon is used in thermal transfer printing technology. Wax ribbon is mainly used for labels with paper. As we know in many industries, packaging, paper labels (on carton, package or pallet) is used.

وکس رزین

Wax Resin ribbon

Wax resin ribbon (Wax Resin Ribbon) Another type of ribbon that are set Label Printer to print labels that use applications. Because the terrorists commandeered percent more resin ribbon, printing durability is far higher than the wax ribbon. Wax-resin ribbon for labels that are made P.V.C .


Resin Ribbon

Resin Ribbon is among the most resistant ribbon printed on the label is different in terms of durability. The resin ribbon requires more heat to impact the label printer's label head, resin ribbon on a wide range of labels, including polypropylene, pvc, metal, friable, transparent or translucent printing, used.


Super Resin Ribbon

This type of ribbon used for specific purposes, mostly for printing on the label applied to the property and PVC and are more resistant against solvents.